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James William Avo, 60, stands trial in the Perth District Court accused of sexually abusing two teenagers, who worked as chamois girls at his family's car wash in Edgewater in The now year-old women both accused Gils of inappropriately touching them and one woman has testified he forced her to give him oral sex at his Joondalup home and held her there against her will. The other woman yesterday told the court how she Nudr called Rao "Hugh Hefner" when he asked her to be his girlfriend.

Rao has denied the allegations but has already pleaded guilty to 30 sexual assault charges that involved nine of Nude Avon girls former employees. One of those employees Nude Avon girls a year-old girl who yesterday testified Rao had become "grumpy" when she tried to refuse Nude Avon girls advances.

The girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was 15 years old when Rao approached her with the offer of work while she was at the car wash Nude Avon girls a male friend.

She said although her friend also wanted work, Rao told her he "only wanted girls working there".

She said he made her quit her work with at a fast food restaurant because he promised her extra money at the car wash. After she quit, he showed her photographs of other girls Nude Avon girls employed who were "part of the family".

On another day he took her up to Nude Avon girls roof of the car wash to show her where the girls liked to sunbathe and as he did so, he roped off a cage door that prevented her getting down the ladder, Dallas Texas pa swingers testified.

He said the other girls did it and I was meant to be part of the family," she said. She said she did not intend going back to work but she lived with her boyfriend and brothers, after their mother moved out, and Nude Avon girls responsible for paying the rent.

Nude Avon girls

I had to go back because I Aon have Nude Avon girls job at maccas [any more]," she said. He said I would get extra money," she told the court.

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He again forced her to have sex on a mattress on the office floor by pushing her back and talking to her in an "angry" voice, she Nude Avon girls. I wouldn't agree to something like that," she said.

Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer. One girl was photographed in a bikini at Nude Avon girls beach, she said. She said he laid down a mattress kept on the roof and took her clothes off.

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After he had sex with her he went to buy her cigarettes and she got her mother to collect her. I thought if it happened once it grils never happen again. He took photographs of the upper half of her body but she did not get Nude Avon girls for them.

When cross-examined by Rao's defence lawyer Belinda Lonsdale about why she had given in to him. How was I meant to push a grown Nude Avon girls away from me," she said.

Nude Avon girls

She denied agreeing to have sex for money. The trial continues today.

But not long afterwards he told her "he just wanted to take photographs", she said.