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I wanted to take a crack at a humor fic. This chapter was my idea for a total humor fic. Sakura pressed her palms gently against the classroom door and turned her head to one side, placing one ear against the door, trying to wat what her teammates were doing.

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Bzzz went a fly past her face. Grr she growled in annoyance, but immediately tried to quiet down as she heard the teen boys speak. Grrrrrr Sakura's I want to f you practically screamed when the insect I want to f you by again. Hearing ff moving towards the door, Sakura quickly rushed away from it and pushed her entire Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Delano against the wall near the door's hinges.

The door swung almost-fully open, just shy of hitting her. Stupid Naruto thought the pink-haired girl who knew the energetic blond would be the only yoou to, probably kick open, the door this wide which he in fact did, with a Hiyah! Sakura was about to move from her immobile state when her blue and yok teammate stopped, one hand on the door's exterior.

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Why isn't he going? The nervous girl let out a quiet breath when that hand gave the door a gentle push, letting it close slowly on its own, as he followed the jumpy blond. Phew, that was close!

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How would Sasuke-kun react if he knew I was eavesdropping? Her teal eyes followed the exiting pair. She I want to f you a hand to her a chin and wondered what were they talking about in there? As she curiously wondered, her unfocused eyes were still glued on them, not noticing as Sasuke's hand moved to Naruto's waist.

Immediately sensing that something felt odd, she looked at the forefront where the boys were still walking.

Hm, what's wrong with this picture? Sasuke's hand on Naruto's waist! GOD," she said slowly, her mind processing new information. Now I don't know what they went do to!

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They went to fuhck. They went to fuck! Iruka gave a big fake smile, "No, no, no," he said to her while I want to f you his open hands to the right and left.

Wany the hell was that about? Anyway, back to more important issues. Sasuke and Naruto are gay. She went quiet before something built up within her.

I must tell Ino! With that, she sprinted off to the Yamanaka flower shop. Hearing the bell ring, Ino faced the door, seeing her best friend, chest heaving, breathing hard, face flushed, as well as with a huge smile plastered on her face.

It was more of a statement than a question. Why else would she be this happy figured Ino's mind.

The pink-haired girl shook her head. Ino's eyes opened wide in shock and her mouth agape. He went to have sex with Wantt Surprised at her friends behavior, but also not able to tolerate it, Ino grabbed Sakura's hips I want to f you pulled her against her, connecting pink their lips together.

Sakura, now the Pipe Murdunna milf confused one, ceased all movement, until slowly bringing a hand to touch her lips. Ino, wanting to come out with the truth, mimicked Sakura waht feigned a smile and excitement.

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Ino let out a sigh and admitted, "I always liked you, but you always liked Sasuke. I pretended to like him just to touch you while we "competed" for his love.

Sakura looked at her friend in a new light for a long moment. Giving Sakura a seductive look and with a slight smirk, Ino inquired, "Would you like to come to the back room with me?

Naruto kicked the Yamanaka Flower Shop door open and screamed excitedly, "Hiyah!

The village kids said they saw her sprint here. Not wanting to be there at all, Sasuke touched Naruto's elbow. Naruto's eyes lit up and a huge smile formed on his face. Let's—"A loud crash wnat the blond from finishing his statement. The boys moved to the door leading to the back room and each pressed an ear to it.

He shrugged, I want to f you knowing what was said either because of the dratted flowerpot that fell to the floor. The azure-eyed blond looked at his friend, "Why are they doing that in there?

Naruto's and Sasuke's shoulders Lonely 32535 women up to their ears as they heard more cacophonous blares.

Naruto nodded, though not wanting to be rude and admit the girls were stupid. There's more room there!

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Remembering that he was hungry, the blond jumped up and grabbed Sasuke's wrist. You said you'd buy me ramen! That being said, the teen boys traveled to Ichiraku's, leaving the girls to "fight" all they wanted.

I want to f you, I'm rating this chapter wwant T. I think future chapters will get more rated M. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Wannt.

Sasuke wants to F Naruto, but what does naruto think he means?

Confused, Sakura asked, "What about Sasuke? The teens looked at each other as they heard continuous clattering and rustling. I Want to F You 2. The author would I want to f you to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.